Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ist planting of the year!

I planted today! Usually it is too early to plant anything this time of year, but it's been such a mild winter that i'm afraid to wait, and miss out on spring crops. I made a little pea tent on the patio... a modified version of the pea tepee I did 3 years ago:

That one I planted directly in the ground. I thought my son (then 3) would like to play in it, but he really had no interest in it, other than to eat the peas :). This one is in pots on the patio.

Maybe the dog with enjoy playing with this one ;).

I also planted some spinach & kale for the patio.

It's too early to plant the stuff in my raised garden, but I felt like I needed to do something in there, so I tilled it (just overturned & fluffed the first few inches of dirt with a pitchfork).

I checked on my strawberry patch, which seems to being doing just fine without any help from me, so I let it be.

Since I am done with the spring seeds for this year, I put them in a baggie in the deep freezer to use next year. I read somewhere that freezing them helps them last longer.

While I was in there, I took out some bean & melon seeds left over from last year. I won't be planting the melon seeds this year, because they didn't produce much last year, and took up a lot of room. The beans were great though. We got a lot of beans all summer, and none of us got sick of them. I even put them in my pasta salads, and they were great.

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