Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garden updates!

Everything's growing great so far! The peas have grabbed onto the fence pieces, and are creeping up.

The kale and spinach look great.

The strawberry patch is doing just fine on it's own.

The beans were ready to go into the garden, so I threw the compost into the garden. I have 2 composters, so I can switch off every other year.

I planted the beans in the garden, but it's still early in the year, so to create some extra warmth, I placed 2 old french doors (thanks, lady on Freecycle!) on top of the raised garden to create a sort of green house effect. I plan to get more to cover the whole garden, but for now, I will just throw a tarp over the top to create a little tent, if it looks like we'll have frost again. The cinderblocks also help to keep in the heat from the day.

That's it for now!

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