Sunday, May 1, 2011

More garden updates!

Are you sick of my garden updates yet? No? Good! Today we went to an earth fair at the Green Earth Institute, and I bought some of my garden plants... some heirloom cherry tomatoes & sweet peppers. I bought several varieties, so I could see which ones I end up liking & make note of it for next year.

I still need to get my tomato plants from The Pure Gardener, my local organic garden center. I got my organic 7 heirloom seeds from them, as well as other garden necessities. Not only do they carry the best stuff, but they are master recyclists, and come up with the coolest ideas. One I saw, and borrowed, was lettuce in a colander... perfect for my spinach plants!

Hmmm... I still have a lot of space in my garden...

Time to get plantin'!

Now back on the inside of the house, the little wisps of dill that started to sprout died almost immediately :(. I'm going to try again, outdoors this time. As for chia kitty?...

I don't think this is what the picture on the box looked like. Hmmm.

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