Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Butterfly garden, garden updates, and Chia Cat!

We are excited & anxiously awaiting our butterfly garden plants! We ordered native plants that are all butterfly attraction from a local garden center. They benefit from the sale of the plants, so it makes it even better. The lady at the garden center said to also plant things the caterpillars like to eat, so they will stick around. Dill was one of the things she mentioned, so i'll be planting dill among the flowers. I started the seeds, and they're starting to grow. They have a way to go.

My spinach is growing wonderfully, and I will plant it in a pot in a shady area off the porch soon. My raised garden is in full sun, so it wouldn't do well there.

We couldn't pass up this Chia Cat we found at a garage sale for a quarter. We put the seeds on 3 days ago, and are patiently waiting. I may grow edible chia seeds on this later, if I can ever find out if the clay is food safe or not.
ETA: They said it's ok!

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