Monday, April 4, 2011

Cinder block raised garden

After much thought, I have decided to make my raised garden with cinder blocks. I originally wanted wood, but if I use treated wood it will have chemicals. If I use untreated wood, it will eventually rot, and need to be replaced. I also read that "cinder block raised beds have the added advantage of creating thermal mass which stores heat and warms the soil longer". The down side is that they are ugly, but there are some solutions.

This creative recyclist used mosaic tiles to decorate her cinder blocks:

There's cement stain, and split faced cider blocks, that are more visually appealing like these:

My husband likes the look of the flat pavers on top like this person did...

I kinda like the idea of using the holes to plant things in, like this person did:

I am currently waiting to see if anyone on Freecycle has some cinder blocks that they don't want. If not, I may go with the split face cider blocks. I figure it's worth the extra few cents a block, since it will be a permanent fixture in the yard.


  1. We used wood for years, but turned to cinder blocks a couple of years back. We laid a cement foundation, then stacked the blocks. We don't plant in the outer holes (filled with gravel and covered for a more finished look), but that's a good idea. :-)

  2. this is awesome!!! I have about 30 cinder blocks...will do for next year garden!!

  3. I love this idea! I wanted to let you know I am highlighting it on my blog's fb page tonight! check it out at

    oh and I think I will do this in my garden area next year! Thanks for the idea!!!

  4. I'm into this type of designs cuz they can verily give contrast to rooms or to any designs imo.
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