Sunday, July 17, 2011

the garden

My garden is flourishing! I have been picking a bowl of raspberries, a bowl of green beans, and a handful of cherry tomatoes (which Jack eats before we can get them in the house) each day. I love fresh food! The raspberries have been making our smoothies delish, and i'm freezing what we don't use for future smoothies. So far I have 2 full gallon sized baggies in the deep freezer :).

Here's my garden... melons on the far left, beans to the right of them, tomatoes to the right of the beans, and the peppers on the far right. The tomato plants are as tall as I am!

I love picking our snacks right off the vine!

Here's the raspberry area... i'm going to have to thin that out soon!

My melon plants have apparently decided they don't have enough room, and have started growing out of the garden.

I also have 2 small tomato plants that cropped up, that I never planted. Cool, eh?

So, how is your garden?

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