Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running Things on Thursday

Sorry i've been mia. I was on vacation at the beginning of the month. Despite the heat & humidity, I kept up my running while I was on vacation... ran with the Dick Ponds Running store group the morning we left (around 4 miles before I started walking), and ran twice while I was in Wisconsin (just under 3 miles each run). After all 3 runs I had a pounding headache for the rest of the day. I took in plenty of electrolytes, plenty of sodium, got plenty of water before, during, and after running, and still the headaches. I have finally figured it out. It is just the heat. I don't handle heat well. Period.

Since we are in the middle of a heat wave, I haven't ran since we got back (a week & 1/2 ago), so I went to an indoor running track last night. It takes 11 1/2 laps to equal a mile, and I wanted to keep track, so I bought one of these to count the laps:

Totally low tech, but it does the job! I ran just over a 5k there, and no headache afterward :). I will just have to run when it's cooler out, or stay indoors from now on. Does this happen to anyone else?

I signed myself up for my first 10k. It's in 2 weeks. I think i'll be ok, as long as it's not really hot.

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