Saturday, July 16, 2011

We have a Scamp!

We have our travel trailer! It's not easy to find a camper that a PT Cruiser can pull, but we did it! Meet our 1987 Scamp 13" travel trailer!

Ready for a virtual tour? On the far left end, when you walk in, is the table & benches. This also converts into a double bed.

On the wall, across from the door, is the kitchen with furnace (bottom left), fridge (bottom right), stove top (under the "wood" piece on the right), sink (on the left), under cabinet lights, drawer, and lots of little cabinets.

On the right side is the bunk beds. These are sturdier than they look, and we will be putting a bed rail up top for my son, just to be safe. The air conditioning unit is next to the bottom bunk. The bunk beds can convert into a "couch" (more like a bench) too, for more seating.

On the side opposite of the kitchen, next to the door, is the closet.

We will be doing lots of upgrades on this, so i'll post the updates as we go. What do you think? We already have 4 camping trips planned in the next month or so :).


  1. Too cute! I'm jealous. I've wanted a Scamp for some time now, and they're impossible to find here in Minnesota - probably because once folks get one, they don't want to let it go!
    What a great find!

  2. That is really odd... they are made & sold in Minnesota! Have you tried Craigslist & Ebay (that's where I found mine)? They are super rare around here.

  3. we too have a Scamp. it's the best little camper i've seen and can be pulled by a small suv - Rav4. happy trails and tails.