Thursday, June 23, 2011

Running Things on Thursday

I was pretty bad last week about pushing myself, but I got out there. On Friday or Sat morning (can't remember which), I did a short 2 mile run. It was hot & humid, and I had my son (5 1/2) in the jogging stroller, or I would have ran more. On Monday night, I went to my group Walk-2-Run at Dick Pond Athletics, and this week was alternating walking 3 minutes, and running 3 minutes. I decided to use it to build up my speed & endurance, so I ran fast (wish I had one of those GPS watches, so I know what pace I was running!) when we were running, and caught my breath when we were walking. A friend of mine (who in my mind is a weight loss expert) told me that alternating walking/running burns more fat than straight running (sounds good to me!), so yesterday I did alternates again. I walked 3 minutes, and ran like the wind for 3 minutes, alternating for 33 minutes. I mapped it out after I got home, and I went 3 miles, so that was 11 minute miles! Not bad for half of that being walking. I must have been going fast (for me) when I was running! I think my next run will be straight running for distance, and not speed.

I hate picking out songs for my Ipod. I sit in front of Itunes, and my mind goes blank. I'm lucky if I can come up with 2 songs. When I saw this, I was thrilled, and bought it.

I am quite happy with it! There's a song or 2 in there that I don't like, but for the most part, the are all great running songs! There's a lot of them that are not songs that I would normally listen too, like if I were driving in my car, but are great for running to. I also highly recommend this Ting Tings album:

All of my favorite running songs are on this album, and I love the whole thing!

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