Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I've Decluttered Wednesday

My niece-in-law-to-be had a garage sale this past weekend, and I gave her a bunch of stuff to sell. I told her to keep the money she made from it... I was just happy to have less clutter. It is a freeing feeling to hand over this much stuff! It was mostly clothes, with some misc. kitchen items, videos, toys mixed in. I have been brutal with myself, and am giving up everything I don't currently fit in, or currently wear. I even ran across an entire plastic tote of winter clothes that I didn't even know was in my basement this winter. I went an entire winter without missing any of it, so out it went!

I don't know if this counts as decluttering, but I turned some fabric that I bought a few years ago into this tablecloth & napkins.

Yes, it technically didn't leave the house, but it went from plastic-tote-basement-clutter to useful things that will be used on a regular basis. I'm going to count that as decluttering!

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