Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"There's a pig in my strawberry patch!", mulch, & more

My niece came by to get some raspberry plants from me, and brought her pet pig Soot with. My son & I were thrilled with the unexpected visit with him :) !

Earlier in the week, we had removed all the weeds (there were a lot) from along the fence, and planted our butterfly garden, all native to Illinois flowers that attract butterflies. Doesn't look like much now, but it will be fabulous when they are all in bloom!

Today was mulch day, and luckily I have a co-gardener all summer to help me! FYI, our city, like many others, offers free mulch that they get from the brush pickups & tree trimmings. We never pay for mulch. If you want free mulch, call your city & see if they do the same!

My son started reading just before preschool let out for the summer. He has been able to sound out words for a long time, but now he can read them (short phonetic words & common sight words), and he's pretty proud of himself (we are too!), so I want to keep up with it this summer. I want to keep it fun, so when he asked if he could have cookies for a snack this afternoon, I told him he could eat them after he read them. He read them, and ate them, with a smile :) . Thank you Trader Joe's for your awesome letter cookies!

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