Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some garage sale finds this weekend

The garage sales were few and far between this weekend, because of the overcast, and the threat of rain, but I managed to go to a few. This pin was my favorite find. It had the mark "JJ" on the back, so I Googled it (I love Google), and it turns out it's "A highly collectible brooch from the JJ Jonette Jewellery Company". I just think it's a really fun pin!

I swear I have some kind of good karma going on with garage sales, because it seems every time I need something, I find it! A couple of weeks ago, I ran out of staples for my stapler, and I found several boxes of them for a quarter. This week I was getting frustrated with my lack of bobbins for my sewing machine, and tired of running out of thread with each project. I was planning a trip to the sewing store this week for them, but for a mere 50 cents at a garage sale, I got 12 of them in a brand new package! I have already filled them all up with thread :).

My son is my favorite garage sale buddy. He gets as excited as I do, and he will keep going as long as there are sales! I love it when he finds great things for himself. His latest love is magic, so I was thrilled for him when he found this for 50 cents.

The previous owner didn't take good care of it, and all the cardboard pieces were not usable, but there were still 4 tricks that were intact. He is currently putting on a magic show for the dog :).

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