Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I've Decluttered Wednesday

Since we had a new furnace put in on Monday, it made us painfully aware of our basement stuff. We are still going through it all, but I think we peeled off another layer of the onion. What did I get rid of?

These 2 huge framed cork boards have been sitting in my basement for a few years. Years ago, I wanted a chalk board to mount to the wall for my son, but the person was selling it along with 2 cork boards for one price. I bought them all thinking that they'd be useful "some day", and in my basement they sat. They left me via Freecycle.

There were a few things my son outgrew a long time ago, a step stool, and some vintage toys. I also talked my son out of 4 foam weapons that he never played with. All gone, thanks to Freecycle!

Our bedroom is very small, and the furniture was making me feel closed in. I asked my husband to put the wardrobe in the basement to save space, but he said he should just get rid of some stuff he doesn't wear & fit everything else in his dresser. Great idea! It was sold via Craigslist, and now we have a LOT more room in the bedroom.

It's been a very productive week in our decluttering movement!

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